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Title: Sacred Places: Sites of Spirituality
Description: In this course students explore a variety of sacred sites of the world and learn what makes places sacred. These sacred sites include both natural areas, such as Devil’s Tower in Wyoming and Uluru in Australia, as well as manmade sites such Borobudur in Java and the Vatican in Rome. The overarching framework for looking at the sites is set by the anthropologist Arjun Appadurai who argues that places are created rather than born, and that it is how we as humans interact with a place that creates meaning for a place. Appadurai identifies three aspects in this process that are essential: agency—i.e. what people do at a place and who’s allowed to be there; sociality—i.e. what kinds of interactions take place at the place; and reproducibility—i.e. what one has to do to pass the locality on to a new generation. In addition the students will learn about the religions associated with each sacred site studied.
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Name: Laura Appell-Warren
Online Course: No
Affiliation: St. Mark's School
Field: Cultural
Material Type: Syllabus
Course Level: Introductory
Student Type: Undergraduate,K-12
Class Size: Up to 20
Geography: Africa,Asia,Europe,Latin America/Caribbean,Middle East,North America,Pacific Islands

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