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Title: City and the Festival: Cult Practices and Architectural Production in the Ancient Near East
Description: Cities are layered topographies of cultural histories, enchanted places of our social lives, messy landscapes of everyday performances. Ancient cities were no less complex spaces. What did ancient cities look like and how were they shaped, in architectural form and in the imagination of its citizens? How do social events, festivals, cult practices, public spectacles shape the layout of a city? In the light of contemporary theories of urban space drawn from geography, architecture, cultural studies and anthropology, we will explore what makes a city a city in the first place, and attempt to make sense of the patchy and fragmentary archaeological evidence from the ancient Near East in understanding, reconstructing cities. The course will investigate ten cities as case studies from early cities of fourth millenium BC Mesopotamia to the medieval Syro-Palestine to study the processes of the making of urban and extra-urban landscapes in their socio-religious contexts.
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Name: Omur Harmansah
Online Course: No
Affiliation: Brown University
Field: Archaeology,Cultural
Material Type: Syllabus
Course Level: Intermediate
Student Type: Undergraduate
Class Size: Up to 20
Geography: Middle East

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