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Title: Decoding Disney: Race, Gender and Sexuality in the Animated Blockbuster
Description: The full-length cartoons so formative for the current generation of college students become, for us, “cultural texts” subject to anthropological analysis. Students learn to discern America’s contested beliefs and values by unearthing the cultural politics embedded in Disney Corporation’s mainstay—feature length animated motion pictures. Such demystification entails delving beyond apparent surface messages to reveal underlying tensions, recurring contradictions, and even counter-hegemonic themes. With respect to the particular intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality, ability and nation, what distinguishes millennial popular culture from animated productions of the early 20th century? What American cultural continuities do we detect? Given the corporation’s covert messages on love & sex, individualism & freedom, pleasure & entertainment, violence & conquest—to name just a few—what are the implications of Disney’s increasingly global touch?
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Name: Elizabeth Eames
Online Course: No
Affiliation: Bates College
Field: Cultural
Material Type: Syllabus
Course Level: Introductory
Student Type: Undergraduate
Class Size: 20-50
Geography: North America

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