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Title: Syllabus for Adaptation to Climate Change Course (Columbia University, School of International & Public Affairs)
Description: Course Overview: Climate change policy in recent decades has centered on two core concepts, mitigation (reducing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere) and adaptation (coping with the impacts that these gasses have and will produce). This course concentrates on the latter. It familiarizes students with current approaches to projects and programs that promote adaptation, showing both the utility of the approaches and some of their limits. The concepts of vulnerability, resilience and adaptive capacity are studied in detail; students learn to engage critically with these concepts. An important goal of the class is to have students work, both individually and in groups, to improve data-gathering skills and to apply quantitative and qualitative methods to representative adaptation projects at different scales, in different sectors, and with different combinations of technical and organizational elements.
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Name: Benjamin Orlove
Online Course: Yes
Affiliation: Columbia University
Field: Applied,Cultural
Material Type: Syllabus
Course Level: Advanced
Student Type: Graduate
Class Size: Up to 20
Geography: Africa,Asia,Europe,Latin America/Caribbean,Middle East,North America,Pacific Islands

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