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Title: Sacred Places
Description: Often places in the landscape are not only geological, biological, cultural, geographical, historic, and/or prehistoric, but also religious, spiritual, or mystical. A wide variety of “natural” phenomena are selectively considered to be sacred, including some individual trees, groves, forests, mountains, caves, rocks, springs, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and so on. Billions of people throughout the world recognize and appreciate the special significance and meaning of various sacred places in their own habitats and elsewhere. Moreover, curiously people from many different ecological, cultural, religious, and national backgrounds may independently consider the same site to be sacred. Many of these sites attract pilgrims and tourists, some annually in the thousands or even millions. This course surveys sacred places in historical and cross-cultural perspective. For more detail and related information see:
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Name: Leslie Sponsel
Online Course: No
Affiliation: University of Hawai`i
Field: Cultural
Material Type: Syllabus
Course Level: Advanced
Student Type: Undergraduate
Class Size: 20-50

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