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Title: ANTH 282: Anthropology of Human Rights
Description: This course explores the history, construction, and practice of human rights from an anthropological perspective. Where anthropology is committed to exploring the diversity of human experience ethnographically through local frames of meaning, human rights organizations, United Nations bodies, and international humanitarian law and conventions have historically emphasized universal norms that transcend cultural differences and local particularities. To what extent can these two perspectives be reconciled? What can anthropology tell us about the potential and limitations of human rights discourses? How are cultural conceptions of individual and collective rights constructed in contemporary political contexts? Can anthropology help us rethink our conception of what it is to be human? What it means to have rights? How can anthropology help us trace the cultural underpinnings and trajectories of genocide and torture?
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Name: Laurie King
Online Course: No
Affiliation: Georgetown University
Field: Cultural
Material Type: Syllabus
Course Level: Intermediate
Student Type: Graduate
Class Size: Up to 20
Geography: Africa,Asia,Europe,Latin America/Caribbean,Middle East,North America

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