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Title: SOCA 100 Introduction to Anthropology
Description: This is the syllabus for my standard introduction to anthropology. It is four/five field and a General Education elective. That means that I get lots of young first year students. As such, this class is as much about preparing students for future college work as it is about anthropology per se. I used to have more writing in this class, but my enrollment is now 45 students/section, and so I had to cut back on the writing. I have the schedule and policies as separate documents and am not sure if both have uploaded. If not, I'll try again
Document: Click Here * Document will open in a new window.
Name: Kathleen Gillogly
Online Course: No
Affiliation: University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Field: Four-/Five-Field
Material Type: Syllabus
Course Level: Introductory
Student Type: Undergraduate
Class Size: 20-50
Geography: Africa,Asia,Middle East,North America,Pacific Islands

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