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Title: Hitite Culture and Mythology I
Description: This eight-week course focuses on Hittite culture and mythology using Harry A. Hoffner's text "Hittite Myths." This PDF, which is 90 pages in length, includes both a student workbook and a solutions manual. This course can either be used by homeschooling families for teenagers in their junior or senior year, or can be adapted for use in public schools. The student workbook includes a syllabus, a master record sheet, weekly quizzes and exercises, an essay paper project with a grading rubric, a bibliography, and four appendixes: maps, a chart of the royal succession, a list of websites, and a detailed Hittite pantheon. For the essay paper project, a link to the required film is included along with the link to the recorded introductory lecture that can be watched online. The solutions manual includes synopses of the myths, exercise and quiz keys, an essay guide, film synopsis, a final exam, and a final exam key.
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Name: Dawn C Stricklin
Online Course: No
Affiliation: Southern Illinois University
Field: Archaeology,Cultural,Linguistic
Material Type: Lesson Plan
Course Level: General Audience
Student Type: K-12
Class Size: Up to 20
Geography: Europe,Middle East

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