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Title: Race and Ethnicity course syllabus
Description: Ethnicity and race are social phenomena that influence group relations as well as personal identity in many areas of the world. This class introduces students to the concept that race and ethnicity are socially defined, contextually variable and historically constructed entities, rather than biological givens. In the class, we explore many different theoretical frameworks for understanding race and ethnicity in a wide variety of contexts. These include attempts to explain the causes of competition, conflict and violence among groups, analyses of the relationship between power relations, definitions of race and racism, examinations of the links between race, ethnicity, gender and class, and considerations of the connections between personal identity, ethnic role and national and international projects such as nationalism and colonialism.
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Name: Ellen Oxfeld
Online Course: No
Affiliation: Middlebury Collegw
Field: Cultural
Material Type: Syllabus
Course Level: Intermediate
Student Type: Undergraduate
Class Size: Up to 20

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