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Title: Contemporary Debates in Human Rights
Description: This course introduces students to the central human rights issues and debates of the day. Some of these debates are centuries old and we start by discussing whether humans hold universal natural rights by virtue of their ability to reason or their ability to form a social contract based on a universal right to self-defense. We then move on to critiques of human rights that emerged in the late twentieth century and which focused on their association with Western culture and capitalism/neo-liberalism. The second half of the course addresses more concrete questions of women’s rights, children’s rights, the right to health and international criminal prosecutions. Ultimately the aim of the course is to enhance your ability to state clearly which political conceptions of rights you find persuasive (if any) and to navigate the issues arising from the local and global implementation of human rights laws and norms.
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Name: Richard Wilson
Online Course: No
Affiliation: University of Connecticut
Field: Applied
Material Type: Syllabus
Course Level: Advanced
Student Type: Graduate
Class Size: Up to 20

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